The Breath as an Anchor

I have been sober for 4 years now. From time to time my recovery has been a rollercoaster. Of course, my life as an addict had been a disastrous rollercoaster for many years before I got the help I needed from rehab and a peer group. But I must admit that in the beginning of my recovery I thought sobriety was going to be a lot more easier. I felt that just not drinking any alcohol or using any addictive substances every problem in my life would be solved just like that. Oh, how it hasn’t been the case at all! Sobriety needed some serious soul searching too. Luckily some of the darkest days in my recovery I got through turned out to be the days I am the most thankful of in the long run.

This year, the fourth year in my recovery, has brought in a lot more serenity, clarity and focus. I have been able to start my new studies. I have energy to be social and my mind isn’t hazy all the time. I’m setting goals in life. I’m getting more happy and in love with my life. I’m finally starting to get along with my emotions and to get more in touch with myself. I let myself grow to be the person I am and I’m enjoying the journey of becoming me. All this is because I’ve learned how important it is to slow it down and rest. I have learned that many times when I just breathe everything seems to fall into its place.

There is this one easy breathing exercise I got from the little book of MINDFULNESS edited by Tiddy Rowan I do many times a day when I feel I need to take a moment to reset myself. It’s very simple and helpful when I need to refocus or to calm down:

  1. Breath in (count to 6)
  2. Hold it (count 2)
  3. Let the breath out slowly (count to 8)

Usually after five breaths I feel more calm and so I’m able to respond to things instead of reacting to them. Sometimes I drink a glass of water too to get me back in the state of serenity that I want to be in.

Just to let you know: I’m not a native English speaker so there might be some (or a lot) weirdness’s in the language but I hope you find the blog easy to read anyway. There is some info about me in the About -section of the page and if you would like to contact me you can find my e-mail at the Contact -page.

Wishing you a lovely, quiet and serene day,



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